Uh-oh! You made

The Naughty List

Looks like all you’re getting is a lump of coal this Christmas…

Sorry to tell you that your TV show and movie viewing habits have landed you on The Naughty List.

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Viewing of pirated holiday content from the top four piracy sites peaks on:

Christmas Day


New Year’s Day

and Orthodox Christmas (January 7)

Unlike nice viewers who stream their content by direct access to legal streaming sites, naughty viewers prefer to use search engines to find their holiday favorites.

From all that





53% of the naughty people visits to piracy sites are via search


40% of the naughty people visit piracy sites directly using the site address

P2P piracy for popular Christmas titles begins in early December, and peaks in the days just before Christmas and around New Year's Day

Who tops the global Naughty list?
Russia, USA, India, Ukraine and the Netherlands are at the top of the list for P2P downloads during the holiday season.

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